Analog Smartwatch

The Cosmopolitan

Executive Collection

Fully compatible with IOS and Android operating systems. Make and receive Phone calls, text messages, notifications and e-mails.

Heart Rate monitors, Built in Cameras, Siri Control, Leather bands, Custom Packaging and many other features.


IG-04 se The CEO
• Analytical Blood pressure monitoring
• Heart Rate monitor
• Activity tracking with history
• Incoming calls with caller ID
• Read Text messages on watch
• Logo on Dial as few as 12

$119.00 r

IG-39se The Cosmopolitan
• Heart rate monitor wit EKG readout
• Siri Control
• Alloy Casing in 3 finishes
• Genuine leather band
• Large Hi resolution screen w gesture control
• Multiple dial styles
  Unique branding options..

$149.00 r

The Chairman


IG-06se The Chairman Strong bold design
• Heart rate monitor with EKG readout
• Siri Control
• Stainless Casing in 3 finishes
• Leather and metal bands
• Hi resolution screen w gesture control
• Built in activity tracker
• Remote camera and music

 119.00 r

The Manager Analog Smartwatch

The President


IG-07 se The Manager Analog Smartwatch
• Beautiful analog watch with Japanese movement
• Activity tracking with history
• Incoming call Notification
• Remote camera and multiple alarms
• Easy to use app comprehensive app.
• Long life battery up to 14 days with 1 charge
• Can brand logo on dial in small quantities.

As low as $69 r

IG-11se The  President
• Heart rate monitor
• Polished stainless or gold Casing
• Genuine leather band.
• Pedometer, Stopwatch, BT Music anti lost
• Hi resolution screen
• Packaging Upgrades.
• Unique branding options

$135.00 r

The Metro Sport


IG-17sp The Metro
• Heart Rate monitor
• Activity tracking with history
• Make and receive phone calls
• Read Text messages on watch
• Multi display screen

As low as $99 r

The Gatsby

The Crystal HR tracker


IG-22s The Gatsby Classic design Modern features
• Heart Rate monitor
• Siri control
• Make and receive phone calls
• Read text message and notifications
• Built in Activity tracker with history
• Sedentary alarm
• Remote Capture and BT music control.
• Beautiful casing in 3 finishes with matching bands.


As low as $99.00 r

The Crystal HR tracker watch
• Genuine Czech Crystals
• Polished stainless casing with Paten leather bands
• Dynamic Heart rate monitoring
• Incoming call notification with caller ID
• Read text messages and notification on bright screen
• Tracks steps, calories burned time active and distance walked.
• Female cycle tracking
• Easy to use comprehensive APP



$79.00 r

The Comet

The Comet
• Great looking with a great price
• Heavy duty TPU band
• Apple and Android fully compatible
• Great Pedometer with personal settings
• Bluetooth Music
• Stopwatch, alarms, calculator, calendars
• Available in 4 colors
• Ideal for long runs and 

$59.00 r

The Weekender

IG-19s The Weekender Our least expensive model
Make and receive prone calls from apple and android
• Download android app and Read text messages,notifications and e-mails (Android only)
• Bluetooth Music, remote camera
• Great pedometer with personalization.
• Stopwatch, alarms, calculator, calendars
• Can be laser etched of silk screen on case back
• Perfect for long run giveaways, casino incentives, gift with purchase.

As low as $29.90 r