We are focused on providing the finest tech products
to the Promotional products industry.
All our products are thoroughly tested to
ensure proper performance of both
the hardware and the software.
You can feel confident that when you
offer your client one of our products
it will perform as advertised.


We are narrowly focused on the wearable
technology space. Smartwatches,
Activity trackers, Smart sports cams,
Heart rate monitors and Health monitoring.
We have the largest and most comprehensive
offering of these products in our industry.
We do not sell pens, picture frames or selfie sticks.


By concentrating on the wearable
technology space we have accumulated a
deep understanding of these products.
These items require thorough knowledge of the
hardware as well as the software that interact
in order to achieve maximum performance.
We offer many interesting and unique
branding options. Our products are manufactured
overseas and we are US based and American owned.